About us

About us

Who we Are

At FRC we are specialist consultants who report on façade failures and investigate fire risks to buildings.

As a team we have over 100 years joint experience in the facade industry, along with extensive knowledge in design. We provide a helpful service aimed at providing you with the impartial information you need to understand any failures and risks in your façade. Covering locations nationwide, we are highly flexible and endeavour to action our work as swiftly and comprehensively as possible.

Our Technical Partners

Our Consultants

Our team of consultants are qualified experts who understand your responsibilities and priorities regarding the safety of your building. They will provide a thorough investigation and a bespoke report as well as answer any questions you may have knowledgeably and constructively.

Our Vision


Striving to be Britain’s leading facade remedial consultancy by using highly skilled experts to future proof buildings to be externally safe.




Our focus is to keep buildings safe. We are here to work with building managers and owners to help you, by providing clear information and support.

Our investigations and support service are to help building managers understand both your legal obligations and the safety of every aspect of your façade and façade sub-structure.

Helping to keep buildings safe by providing impartial support is at the heart of what we do.



It is important to us to stay at the forefront of industry and legislative knowledge. This means that we maintain networks with governing bodies, individuals involved in developing legislation and contacts across the industry. We also carry out continuous research on legislative developments and topical debates.

This approach enables us to ensure we are only providing the most up-to-date and relevant information. It means that the building managers we work with, receive both information on current legislation, as well as future legislative changes that may have an impact on their building.



Our 100+ years of expertise in the industry and involvement in large scale remedial works, gives us a substantial track record. We are here to ensure building managers get the information and support that is crucial to them, directly from the experts.

Our specialist consultants bridge the gap between extensive legislation research and understanding, bringing just the relevant information to you. We prevent unnecessary expenditure by getting to the heart of the issues and providing clarity about specific safety aspects in your façade(s).

Our Values



Honesty is part of the foundation of FRC’s core values and principles.Honesty in the workplace encourages trust among clients, employees, the company and the community. Honesty compliments our other core values; trustworthiness, loyalty, fairness, and sincerity.



Integrity is one of the fundamental values that FRC seek in their employees. It is the hallmark of a person who demonstrates sound moral and ethical principles at work. Honesty and trust are central tointegrity.



Helpfulness and clarity are key to ensuring our clients understand the potentially advanced or uncommon areas in which we operate. We always set out our work in a helpful and easy to follow manner, avoiding confusion but containing high levels of detail. We will always continue to help to grow the understanding and knowledge of our clients, making their lives easier, also contributing to a sense of accomplishment to our consultants at FRC.