How We Work

How We Work

What to Expect From Us

At FRC we provide a tailored consultancy service to help you with your remedial works. We pride ourselves in maintaining a team of experts, well versed in important legislation with industry experience to back up their understanding.


One of our team of consultants will visit your site to undertake a thorough survey.

They will assess the compliance and safety aspects of your façade, from structural integrity to external panels. Following the visit, you receive a detailed report highlighting any items you need to be aware of, such as fire or structural risks.


We are always happy to help and if you have any queries we are always available via phone or email. We aim to provide support beyond the initial consultancy and allow you to benefit from our expertise throughout the whole process, until completion.


Beyond Consultancy

Our services extend far beyond our initial intrusive façade reporting.

Remediation plans and tender pack creation, legal advice and internal fire risk assessments from our technical partners and CPD presentations to you and your colleagues are just the tip of the iceberg. We are entirely flexible and if you would like more support or have specialist needs, we may be able to help further.

Scrutinising Documents and Works


We can provide assistance with examining essential paperwork such as architects proposals, legal documentation as well as O&M Manuals. As the person responsible for the safety of your building, we can provide clarification and support to you through the entire process.

We will scrutinise any official documentation to highlight areas of risk to your building that you may be responsible for. Examples include the proposed building materials and compliance to fire regulations outlined specifically for your building.

We can help you through the whole process, beyond the initial consultancy, to ensure that the developments being made to your building are as you expect them to be.

Once works begin, we offer an onsite overseeing service, which is fully PI backed, confirming that the works are being carried out to the correct specification and scope. This is available with various frequencies of visit, from daily to fortnightly, depending on the project.

Help throughout the Entire Process


At FRC we are here to help you with the legal compliance and safety of your building. As such, our consultancy can extend to helping you through the whole process of remedial works from start to finish.

Our services do not have to end with a report. If you would like expert input regarding any documentation or works being carried out, we can help.

We can even provide full specification documentation for you to provide for contractors in the form of a comprehensive tender package, taking pressure off of you and ensuring that you have all aspects covered.

Legal Advice


Our specialist team keep up to date with any changes in legislation, including those due to happen in the future.

We can provide advice on the important legal documents involved in your project along with any legislation that you may need to be aware of.

With our market leading technical partners, Blake Morgan, on call, we can also help you to recover costs or progress a claim if appropriate.

If you have legal paperwork on which you would like a professional opinion, we can also provide support with this.

Difficult to Access Areas


If there are glazing, cladding or structural issues in difficult to access, such as over a roof or next to a busy road, issues can be more difficult to spot, investigate and fix. High-level works or those affected by external factors such as high winds and public areas can require additional consideration.

As part of our remedial works consultancy, we can help you with any essentials you need for those difficult to access areas. We have access to specialist access equipment to ensure your inspection covers such locations thoroughly.

We can review and give advice specific to your situation. If you have difficult to access areas that you wish to have inspected, do get in touch.