Product Development

Product Development

Product Development

FRC offer a unique service within our industry, providing guidance and support in developing new façade materials to the market within the UK. Our product development process is comprehensive and includes:


  • Advice on suitability within the market, providing guidance on the most relevant markets and sectors to target
  • Information on architectural preferences and latest industry trends
  • Route to market including guidance on how to sell your product and plan your sales
  • Distribution network
  • CPD’s
  • Assist with marketing and sales ideas including presentations, website, publishing, competitive research & brand consideration
  • Full advice and arrangement of necessary British standard and BRE testing
  • Detailing all necessary requirements for samples
  • Establishing a Euroclass rating
  • Advice on CE marking
  • Finance advice and budgeting


Our team are experienced in all of these areas, offering a free initial telephone consultation and quotation. The price of product development varies as we tailor the process to meet your requirements.


Call us now to organise a free consultation to discuss your route to market!

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Continuing Professional Development


We can offer our clients customised CPD’s to suit their requirements but a typical CPD presentation will cover the following:

  • Introduction to FRC
  • Historical Fires Involving Exterior Façade Materials
  • Overview on Grenfell
  • Approved Document B: 2006
  • Approved Document B: 2010
  • Approved Document B: 2018
  • Euroclass and Burn Rates
  • Government Advice Notes 14, 18 & 19
  • Non-ACM Materials and Government Testing
  • Future for Insurance and Property Management industries
  • Case Studies
  • FRC Services
  • Questions

Product Euroclass Ratings



EN 13501-1

England, Wales, Northern Ireland Scotland Materials
A1 Non-combustible Non-combustible Mineral Wool, Stone, Brickwork, Non-PPC Metals
A2 (or better) Limited Combustibility Non-combustible Fibre Cement Cladding, PPC (Polyester Powder Coated) Metals
B-s3, d2 (or better) 0 Low Risk (0) FR-rated HPL or ACM cladding, Insulated Panels
C-s3, d2 (or better) 1 Medium Risk (1) Phenolic Foam, some PIR Foams
D-s3, d3 (or better) 3 High Risk (2&3) PIR Foams, Standard HPL or ACM cladding, Untreated Timber
E-s3, d2 (or better) 4 Very High Risk Flame Retarded EPS (Expanded Polystyrene), PUR
F-s3, d2 (or better) Not Classified Very High Risk EPS, PIR, PUR (Polyurethane)